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Split-System AC Unit Install & Repair in Decatur, AL & Beyond

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Southeastern Mechanical Services, LLC service areas include Athens Al, Decatur AL, Hartselle Al, Somerville Al and Cullman AL.

Learn More About This Unit Type:

There are many reasons to invest in a split-system AC. A ductless air-conditioning unit, it doesn’t need very extensive installation and maintenance. Moreover, it is actually more energy efficient as ductwork only increases loss due to heat exchange. This unit is also highly recommended in places where space is at a premium.

This AC is called as such since it’s made up of two parts, one of which is located outdoors. Nevertheless, the process of cooling still remains almost the same.

The compressor, which is located in the outdoor unit, is activated once the built-in thermostat detects presence of warm air. The refrigerant gas transforms into a high-pressure one before it passes through the condenser where the high-pressure gas turns into chilled liquid. The liquid goes inside the home via the indoor unit.

In the indoor unit, there’s a fan that absorbs the warm air, where it mixes with the chilled liquid. Once the air has already been cooled enough, it is then sent back into the room.

Even if a split air conditioning sounds less complicated than other types of units including window, it still requires regular maintenance. You need to remove buildup dirt, prevent moisture buildup and avoid accumulation of mold and mildew. You will also need to ensure the thermostat, among other important components, are working in great condition.

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